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13 years old

TII is a really good place to make friends have fun and learn new things. I enjoyed the programme a lot and the best part of it is making friends and I would probably come again because like I said before it’s a very fun place.



13 years old

I have made a lot of friends. I enjoyed the experience especially when we went rock climbing. I enjoyed great morning teas and many fun activities.


13 years old

Coming and experiencing the TII holiday programme was very interesting. The facilities are good and the staff are very friendly. Coming to TII  I made lots of friends and made many memories. The best part of this holiday programme is the fact that there is time to interact and get closer to the other people.

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11 years old

TII was the best holiday programme I have ever been to. It was fun and there was so many fun activities. The teachers were also lovely and amazing. I loved the holiday programme.



12 years old

It is a great experience I made new friends participated in different activities. Angie is great, she gave us the best experience of holidays. Fun activities were awesome. I also learned a lot about speech, overall it was a great experience.



9 years old

I have made friends with Wesley and Henry. I enjoyed great morning tea. I like Angie, who is a lovely teacher. There were fun activities.


9 years old

I made friends with Andi, William and Henry. Speech class was a great learning experience. I love morning teas and there were lovely teachers.

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12 years old

 I like it because free food and I met new friends and I learnt new things and yuh, I also had great time! I will be back next time!

Testimonials: Team
Testimonials: Image

As Jonny’s mother, I am very happy that he has learned a lot during his two weeks in your school. For example, computer programming, hip hop, dance, painting, handicrafts, camera techniques and so on. He made many friends of the same age. Every day he went home, he happily shared his life in school and the care of teachers. He also hoped to take part in your summer class activities again next year, because he would be old enough to participate in rock climbing activities. 


-------Lily Sung (Jonny’s mother)

这次孩子通过在TII国际学院School Holiday 两周学习中获得了全新的体验和乐趣。在边娱乐和边学习的过程中,孩子学到了很多知识,特别对演讲技巧和手工,舞蹈,摄影印象深刻,老师们在讲解的时候也耐心教导。同学们也很开心,孩子认识了很多新朋友,像一个温馨的大家庭。总的来说,这次体验家长和孩子都很满意。

                                                                -----Na Wei (Henry’s mother)

Joseph enjoyed the holiday programme a lot. He is the child who normally hates holiday programme, and that is why we only registered him for a week for the trial. However to my surprise, he insisted me to book him in for the second week as well! Thank you for your great efforts!

-------Tina Ban (Joseph’s mother)

Thank you to all of your team. I am glad I’ve found somewhere my kid wants to go to. He is happy and engaged with all the activities are provided. And a testament to play true letting the kids determine their own needs.


                                                                                       ----Jiama Li (Wesley’s mother)

Andi enjoyed the programme very much, and he is keen to come to class every day. The best things of the TII School Holiday Programme is knowledge, entertainment and sports. It is quite likely for him to join the next one again.

-------Jerry Dai (Andi’s father)

I believe the programme has benefitted my son in many ways to improve his confidence, public speaking and interpersonal skills. He have loved the public speaking upon the most. Additionally, he have enjoyed the city tours and rock climbing, too. I would like to come back again and let my son join the programme again. 


                 -------Saad’s mother

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